Between the Voice and the Echo

A Novel

The Characters

Gilley West
Echoes and shadows drift across Gilley’s property. The echoes speak with her and the shadows provide glimpses of the future. She hasn’t seen her face in twenty years because mirrors are only for the dead. She searches the mirror for the face of her husband. As a blizzard descends across the Midwest, her isolated farm attracts the others: some from our world and some from another.

With the first cold snap of winter, nine-year-old Jesse found an injured crow and nursed it back to health. Now, as the blizzard drives the others toward Gilley’s farm, the crow leads Jesse into the forest. Only a small part of him makes it through the storm.

A senior at the local college. Chance encounters Gilley at the local library and follows her home. He hopes for an interview. He hopes to find a moment of relief from his family, but the echoes and shadows reveal secrets about his mother and his family that he has been willfully ignoring.

No shadow. No reflection. No memory of how he lost either. August scrapes together a living as a low-rent private eye and when that doesn’t pay the bills, a thief. He can move through mirrors which helps him steal and spy, but he loses more memories whenever he visits The Grey Lands. Just as August’s life is spinning out of control, Chance calls and August sets off through the Grey Lands to find Gilley’s farm. When he arrives with the storm, something follows August out of the mirror.


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