Between the Voice and the Echo

A Novel


Between the Voice and the Echo is a novel that fits somewhere in the urban mythology and literary fantasy niche carved out by writers such as Neil Gaiman, Tim Powers, and Graham Joyce. Switchgrass Press (an imprint of Northern Illinois University) is working with me to bring the novel into the world as one of their titles for Spring 2010.

And now to talk about myself in the third person…

William Bain was born in Indianapolis in 1970. He has rarely strayed far from that city, and when he has done so, he has never stayed away for long. He received his Bachelor’s Degree from Wabash College in 1993, after which he knocked about the Midwest with outdoor adventure programs and substitute teaching. He earned his Master’s in Secondary Education from Indiana University in 1998 and promptly set about teaching in small, public alternative schools. In the next few years, he had exactly three stories published in very small literary magazines. This fueled his ego to the extent that in 2005, in the pursuit of a first novel, he applied for and was accepted to the low-residency MFA program at the University of New Orleans. This is that first novel.


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