Between the Voice and the Echo

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Enemy Mine

Posted by William Bain on March 24, 2009

ABNA contestants square off...

ABNA contestants square off...

Two more cool people to check out in the Amazon contest.

Scott McFadden and I graduated from Wabash (Scott a few years ahead of me) and his novel, The Lover’s Tree, is also a quarter finalist in the ABNA contest. Check it out here:

In case you are wondering, he’s Dennis Quaid.

Alexis Wiggins, a fellow UNO grad, is also in the running. Her excerpt, Looker, is in General Literature. Check it out here:

Alexis is not pictured above. I’m willing to bet that while Scott and I argue over who gets to be Dennis Quaid and who gets to be Louis Gosset, Jr., Alexis is quietly attending to the adult conversation in some other room.


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