Between the Voice and the Echo

A Novel

Through Black Spruce

Posted by William Bain on March 22, 2009

Joseph's newest novel...

Joseph's newest novel...

Joseph’s latest novel has been released in the States. I got it yesterday and immediately sacrificed a good deal of sleep in its company. This image is from the Canadian release. I like it better than the US cover. maybe that goes without saying.

I will go on the record as saying that both Boydens, Amanda and Joseph, have had brilliant books marred by questionable covers. Amanda’s Babylon Rolling had a gorgeous cover that got rejected for the US release. I wish I could show you a side-by-side comparison with the one she got. Mind boggling.

I don’t hate the US cover of Through Black Spruce, but it seems weaker than the Canadian. This happened with Joseph’s first novel. The Canadian cover captured the beauty and mystery of the story while the American cover made it look like a History Channel documentary of trench warfare.

Me? I guess I just want my own cover about which to complain.

Check out both Joseph and Amanda Boyden. They are great writers and wonderful people.


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